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This cookie policy will explain what cookies are, how we use cookies, your choice regarding cookies and further information related to cookies.


What are cookies

Cookies are small pieces of text sent by your internet browser by a website you visit. A cookie file is stored in your internet browser and allows websites to recognize you and make your next next visit easier and service more useful to you.


How Kure Search uses cookies

When you access the website www.kuresearch.com, we may place a number of cookies in your internet browser.


We use cookies for the following purpose: to provide analytics and gain a statistical know-how in relation to the traffic of the website.


We are using both session and persistent cookies on the website and we use different types of cookies for different intentions.


What are your choices regarding cookies

If you'd like to delete cookies or instruct your internet browser to delete or refuse cookies, then please go to the "help" page in your internet browser.


If you deactivate or block cookies related to Kure Search you will still be able to visit and interact with the website


Where can you find more information about cookies

You can learn more about cookies here:




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