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Consultancy services

We advise companies on an hourly basis on a wide range of HR-related topics

Customised consulting services

We believe that attracting, developing and retaining the right talents is crucial to business success. We therefore offer customised consulting services that are adapted to our clients’ unique needs and challenges. Our team of experienced consultants are dedicated to helping you strengthen your HR work and achieve a more efficient and successful workforce.

Recruitment process

To mention an example, we help clients develop strategies and methods that ensure an efficient and targeted recruitment process, from drafting job descriptions and advertising to screening applicants and conducting interviews.

Employer branding

Within the field of employer branding, we help companies identify and build a strong reputation as an attractive employer. We help identify the company’s unique values and messages and create strategies to communicate them to the target group to attract top-qualified candidates.

Salary benchmarking

We also offer salary benchmarking services where we compare your company’s salary levels and benefits with the market within the industry to make sure that you offer competitive terms to your employees.

Retention and diversity

Our consultancy services also cover important areas such as job satisfaction, retention and diversity. We help identify and implement initiatives that increase job satisfaction and commitment, develop strategies to retain key employees and promote diversity and inclusion within the organisation.


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