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We headhunt IT managers and IT professionals in all industries

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About Kure Search

Our focus is on our clients’ and candidates’ needs

Kure Search has specialised in recruiting experienced IT managers and specialists via Direct Search for more than 7 years. We often become involved when the client realises that finding profiles is quite difficult and time-consuming – or has given up altogether. We have a strong, global IT candidate network with offices in Copenhagen and Warsaw.


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What our clients and candidates say

I recently used Kure Search to find a new Chief Data Officer for our company, and they managed to bring in a good field of candidates in a short period of time, which resulted in a hire. I would happily recommend Kure Search at any time.

Rasmus Lundgaard Pedersen
CIO, Danske Commodities

We are very happy with Kure Search and chose to let them handle our recruitment of new employees so that we can focus on our core business while ensuring that new employees match our professionalism and culture.

Lennarth Høiberg
CEO, Enlight

My experience with Mark and Kure Search was very positive. Mark is pleasant and professional in his approach and very good at understanding my motivation, goals and what I was looking for. The outcome of it all was a super exciting hire.

Simon Eikeland Timmermann
Senior Architect, Consultancy company

The process was professional, fast and with relevant Program Director candidates despite the difficult geographical location and our mixed technical and managerial requirements. The employee proved effective from day one and has demonstrated excellent results.

Vilmos Beskid
CTO, OnRobot

Thank you, Mark, for your professional approach to recruitment. You create confidence in the process for me as a client, provide the right counterbalance and, very importantly, you are also professional towards the candidates.

Karina Stoltze
HR Manager, Karnov Group

From the moment I connected with Kure Search, I was impressed by their in-depth understanding of the IT industry and their ability to identify the perfect match between me as a candidate and organisations.

Umid Akhmedow
Chief Data Officer & Director of Data Engineering & Architecture

This was not the first time I’ve been headhunted, but I have to admit that I’m greatly impressed with your approach (which is certainly not a given in this slightly motley headhunting market)



4 out of 5 clients continue to use Kure Search

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