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Case: Technology company (Anonymous case)

Consultancy and benchmarking of salary levels

A client had a problem as IT employees resigned and announced that salaries were much better at the other company. The client was already receiving salary data from one of the large, global market insight agencies.

The client wanted to receive more accurate, up-to-date information on salary levels from Kure Search, which is in contact with similar candidates on a daily basis and stores data.

The challenge was that, due to inflation and demand, the market and salaries change a lot in a few months. Kure Search therefore had to contact a number of candidates who matched the criteria in order to verify and update salary levels.

The outcome was a list of recommended salary levels for all positions in the IT organisation, based on years of experience and other factors. It turned out that 80% of the positions were correctly remunerated in relation to the market.

Kure Search’s consultancy service offers salary benchmarking, where we compare the company’s salary level and benefits with the industry market to make sure that you offer competitive terms to your employees.

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